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Every day people get phone calls from unknown telephone numbers and think about doing a Reverse Phone Look up. Sometimes these calls are from friends, but sometimes they are not friends.  Occasionally these unknown callers can actually be from somebody trying to hurt you! Naturally, you NEED to find out who is behind that unknown call but at the same time you would like to not have to pay anything to get the information. This is the purpose of this site is to offer the most extensive resources to help you do a free reverse number lookup.

You could be getting this call from an angry co-worker, or perhaps an ex-boy or ex-girl friend that has changed his or her phone number and is trying to call you just to harass you. Of course it could be a prankster. As you know prank phone calls are extremely common these days. The scariest types of calls that are from unknown callers whom might be stocking you! You know the type, they call you and don’t say anything.… They just sit there… and listen.…  All they want to do is make you afraid.  Stop being afraid… Find out who they are… NOW!

Again, here at BestCS.org – (Best Cell Search Pros) we are dedicated to helping you find who is behind that cell phone number using whatever means possible. We mention mobile phone numbers because land line telephone numbers are much easier to trace or track, which means that you may very well come up with owner information when you do a free online phone search on landlines.


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– Below you’ll find ideas for doing a free mobile number search. Also, there many articles throughout the site that will no doubt be of help as well.

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Ideas for Doing a

Free Reverse Number Lookup


No. 1  And finally try typing the cell phone number into Google. Below you will see all the different types of variations that you should try to use.

Try All of These Different Variations… You Never Know Which One Will Work.

1. 909 777 7777

2. 909 7777777

3. 9097777777

4. 909 “777 7777”

5. 909 “7777777”

6. “909 7777777”

7. Intext: 777 7777 + City Name + State (quotes not needed here)

5. Intext: 7777777 + City Name + State (use the full state name as well as the abbreviation )

6. Intext: 909 777 7777 + City Name + State.

Many have had excellent outcomes making use of the “Intext” search phrase.


You will notice that each time you use quotes or tighten up the search parameters, the total number of the searches for your query results will go lower. This of course means greater accuracy for you.

Just for your information using quotation marks will force Google to limit its searches to just what you are looking for.

Use these same basic techniques for the suggestions below



No.2  If you’re not sure of the area code that is coming up on your cell phone please try this idea.

Go to Google or your favorite search engine, and simply type in the unknown area code along with the words “Area Code”.

For Example: 909 Area Code


NOW  Go to Wikipedia, there they will typically have a chart with the location where the phone number or person in question is from. And don’t forget you did this for free

This may not sound like much information but it’s a good place to start

909 area code at Wikipedia



No. 3  Why Not Continue Your Investigation Visiting Blog Site Networks.

Ex: Try entering this information into Google:  Blogspot + 909 777 7777 (Replace the numbers with the telephone number that you are researching).


Here is a List of Some Blog or Similar Networks That You Can Try to Use:

Blog writer


BIG TIP:  It is also a very good idea to type in the word “blog” into the Google. You see many websites have a blog attached to them, and many of these blogs will have personal information on them. Some of this information might just be the information that you are looking for. And believe it or not this actually works sometimes so please try it.

EX:  Blog + 909 777 7777



No. 4  Now continue researching, this time concentrating on social networks. Even though most of these social networks have instituted new privacy policies, it is still possible to find some personal information that is searchable that will reveal the identity of the caller.

EX: pinterest.com + 909 777 7777 or pinterest + 909 777 7777.


Here is a List of The Top Social Networks:



















No. 5  Next try Online Forums.  There are some websites that are dedicated to just searching groups of online forums.


Here Are a Few of Them:



boardtracker.com/    (They are down half of the time but you can try them)



Disclaimer: They is no guarantee of course that these free phone look up search techniques will work, this is why www.BestCS.com also reviews the best paid phone researching services as well. We have chosen the top paid services available. We are also very careful to choose the services that people tend to be happy with. 

For Example:

There are many paid services that will charge a small fee upfront and make you think…

           “All right, I got away with only paying a dollar”…

Later however, you find out that there is actually monthly billing that starts a day or so after you sign up. That’s why we advise that you stay away from these types of paid services. We have seen MANY people get VERY ANGRY with these types of services. What these services do is sell you on the cheap entry fee. Most people notice the monthly charge when they sign up but they think to themselves… 

            “All I have to do is cancel this service as soon as i sign up and get my reverse cell phone info.  Then I will be getting this service for a buck.” 

What really happens however is that it is very difficult to cancel the agreement and you end up getting charged!  And what happens if you forget to cancel? That’s right, you will be billed monthly!

So then if these free techniques above do not work then please start your search below.  Phone detective is the top reverse phone lookup service available, and they won’t give you the run around!


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